Is Taylor Swift coming to Fortnite? Next Festival artist coming soon

Is Taylor Swift coming to Fortnite? Next Festival artist coming soon
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Taylor Swift has a new song that is very similar to Fortnite! The 34-year-old artist is dropping her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, on April 19, and it has sparked discussion about her appearance in the popular game. Swift’s new song is called Fortnight, which might be the artist’s way of teasing a collaboration with Epic Games.

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Will Taylor Swift come to Fortnite and is her song a collaboration hint?

While Taylor Swift’s song may have nothing to do with Fortnite, we have to agree that the collab would be perfect. The next Fortnite Festival season begins on April 22, only three days after the release of the album. This would give the popular artist a great opportunity to reach a wider audience with her songs. At the same time, many Fortnite players would enjoy having her in the game.

The first artist featured in the Fortnite Festival mode was The Weeknd, followed by Lady Gaga. Interestingly, Gaga also mentioned “fortnight” in one of her older tweets. Taylor Swift’s “Fortnite” song features another prominent artist, Post Malone, and neither of them has been featured in Fortnite’s music mode yet.

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Taylor Swift’s new album will come out on April 19. Image by VideoGamer

The name of Taylor Swift’s new song could be just a coincidence. After all, fortnight is a word in the English language. However, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if this is indeed a hint for the upcoming collaboration. Epic Games has done a fantastic job teasing previous collaborations, and some of them had subtle hints.

To sum it all up, Taylor Swift has not been confirmed as the next Fortnite Festival artist. While there have been many rumors and hints about this, we will have to wait for the official confirmation by Epic. Fortnite players have expressed the desire to see a couple of other artists, from Dua Lipa to Lil Nas X.

Who do you think will be the next Fortnite Festival artist?