Is Fortnite shutting down? Tweet explained

Is Fortnite shutting down? Tweet explained
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Once again, rumors of Fortnite shutting down are making rounds around the Internet. This comes as no surprise considering all the problems Epic Games is dealing with. Due to this, many players believe that the popular battle royale game will shut down soon.

Epic laid off around 830 employees in late 2023. This came just a few days after the company announced that the prices of V-Bucks would be increased. Because of these circumstances, many players believe that the game will indeed shut down. However, this article will explain all you need to know about the latest rumors and if they are true or not.

Will Fortnite shut down this year?

The rumors of Fortnite shutting down are not true. This is not the first time these rumors are on the rise, and it certainly won’t be the last. Many Fortnite players are worried about a tweet that states that the video game will shut down. However, the tweet is fake and was certainly not posted by Epic Games. Instead, it was fabricated to be an April Fool’s joke.

While it’s true that Epic laid off hundreds of employees, it’s not true that Fortnite is shutting down. The battle royale game is still very popular and profitable, so there is no reason to abandon its development.

Fortnite fake tweet
Image by VideoGamer via Epic Games

Despite being more than six years old, Fortnite still has millions of daily players. Unfortunately, its profit margin is now lower due to the popularity of the Creative mode. Epic Games shares 40% of its net revenue with map creators, which is why its margin is lower than the profit margin of Battle Royale.

Since Battle Royale is still the most profitable game mode, Epic will keep developing it. Not only is Fortnite not shutting down, but its development shouldn’t be affected by the latest layoffs.