Beat this Fortnite Quiz and win Season 3 Battle Pass for free

Beat this Fortnite Quiz and win Season 3 Battle Pass for free
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We have prepared a Fortnite quiz that will test your knowledge about the popular battle royale game. The quiz has 25 questions, and if you manage to be fast and score 100% on it, you will receive the next Battle Pass for free! We will pick three winners.

If you win, you will a gift card with enough V-Bucks to purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass. Considering that the release date of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is May 24, we will announce a winner on Wednesday, May 22. If you’re looking for more cosmetic items in the meantime, check out how to unlock free Fortnite skins.

To submit your score, you simply need to enter your name and email address after you finish the quiz. Once we review the scores, we will add the winners and post their name heres.

NOTE: This quiz will be active until Wednesday, May 22. You can read more rules at the bottom of this page.

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Fortnite Quiz #12

Test your Fortnite knowledge and get a Season 3 Battle Pass for free!

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Ocean was a boss in Chapter 2 - Season 3 and she was found at _____

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What is the name of these two weapons?

Two guns on a blue background.

3 / 25

When did Fortnite Chapter 1 end?

4 / 25

Which of these features were not added in Fortnite Chapter 2?

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How much shield does the Mythic Mushroom grant?

6 / 25

In Chapter 3 - Season 3, which POI was replaced by Rave Cave?

7 / 25

What's the minimum number of teams in the Squads playlist required to fill an entire lobby?

8 / 25

Which of these weapon types were available in Chapter 2 Season 6?

9 / 25

When Deadpool arrived in Chapter 2 - Season 2, Epic Games moved one boss to another location. Which boss was moved?

10 / 25

One of these Fortnite character is not related to others, who is it?

11 / 25

What was the name of the item that was added for a few hours during Chapter 1 - Season 4?

12 / 25

What is the codename for the Chapter 5 island?

13 / 25

Which of these landmarks were in the game at some point in Chapter 2?

14 / 25

What is the name of this item?

A fortnite gun on a blue background.

15 / 25

When did the first Fortnite live event take place? In Chapter 1 _____

16 / 25

How much Health do you get from a Mushroom?

17 / 25

One item doesn't belong on this list, which one is it?

18 / 25

How much extra shield do players in Zero Build have?

19 / 25

All of these locations have something in common except one. Pick the odd one out!

20 / 25

What is the name of this place?

An aerial view of a fort in the game.

21 / 25

Who held the first-ever Fortnite concert?

22 / 25

How many Boogie Bombs can you carry in a stack?

23 / 25

Who was the bonus skin in Chapter 2 Season 4?

24 / 25

Who was the Chapter 2 - Season 8 antagonist who tried to destroy the universe?

25 / 25

How many seasons did Fortnite Chapter 2 have?

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Additional rules:

  • The winner will receive a V-Bucks gift card that has enough funds to buy the next Battle Pass
  • Only 1 user per IP address allowed. We do this to prevent one person from creating multiple accounts and winning more than once
  • If you score 100%, you will also have to have the fastest time to win the skin