Beat this Fortnite Quiz and win a free Chapter 5 Battle Pass

Beat this Fortnite Quiz and win a free Chapter 5 Battle Pass
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We have prepared a Fortnite quiz that will test your knowledge about the popular battle royale game. The quiz has 16 questions, and all of them are about the OG Season. If you manage to get a high score, you’ll get a chance to win the Fortnite Chapter 5 – Season 1 Battle Pass for free.

To submit your score, please post a screenshot of it on our Facebook page. Make sure that the entire page is visible, so do not crop the screenshot. Three participants with the highest score will win the Fortnite Chapter 5 Battle Pass, so make sure that you post your Epic Games username as well. The winners will receive the new pass through the in-game gifting system.

If there are multiple participants with the same high score, three of them will be chosen as a winner through a random selection. The winner will be selected on Friday, December 1, and will be announced on our Facebook page.

Winners of our quizzes so far:

  • Hannahmorg
  • Womadam
Fortnite Season 5 teaser

Fortnite OG Season Quiz

Test your Fortnite knowledge and get a chance to win the Chapter 5 - Season 1 Battle Pass!

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What's the name of the purple cube at Loot Lake?

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Fill in the blanks: The Clinger has ______ rarity

3 / 16

Complete the sentence: To unlock all styles for Spectra Knight, you need to finish _____

4 / 16

What level do you need to reach to unlock all OG Pass rewards?

5 / 16

Fortnite Season OG began with a recreation of one season from Chapter 1. Which season was it?

6 / 16

How many Boogie Bombs can you carry in a stack?

7 / 16

Are traps available in Zero Build modes?

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What is being constructed at Dusty Divot?

9 / 16

What was the biggest map change that arrived with the Season X hotfix?

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The Grappler has 15 charges.

11 / 16

How often to the items in the OG Shop rotate?

12 / 16

Fill in the blanks: The Quad Launcher was added with the _____ hotfix

13 / 16

What time of ammo does the Six Shooter use?

14 / 16

Which of these items were not available in the first week of the OG Season?

15 / 16

Who's the final skin of the OG Pass?

16 / 16

What is the name of the Fortnite OG Season live event?