This new Fortnite trick could just help you get the Victory Royale you need

This new Fortnite trick could just help you get the Victory Royale you need
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In a game as timeless as Fortnite, its devoted community has understandably discovered numerous tricks and ‘hacks’ that can turn the tides of battle in your favor, if not get you a Victory Royale outright. However, none are arguably as useful as this recently discovered rift cancel trick that can help give you an advantage over other unsuspecting players.

With the Fortnite update 27.10 having already brought several changes into the game, one thing that remains the same in each player’s quest to become the best is that having the right gear can often help you win matches. Naturally, the most valuable pieces of equipment in the game are ones that can give you certain advantages over your opponents, like the ever-useful Rift-to-Go. The only downside is that you’ll need to free up a slot to use it, which typically means leaving behind a weapon or a utility item.

Luckily, Fortnite news aggregator HYPEX has shared a trick that enables you to use a Rift-to-Go without having to leave your valuable loot behind. Based on the short video they shared, this simple move merely requires you to mantle on a wall just before the Rift-to-Go transports you. The mantling action will bring you back to your original location, which means you’ll be able to re-collect the items you dropped. You can then jump back into the rift to wreak havoc on your enemies with a full loadout.

Of course, the rift cancel trick will take some getting used to since the window for mantling just before you get transported is extremely small. However, once you master it, it’ll give you a leg up over everyone else since you won’t have to leave a piece of equipment that could mean the difference between death and an all-important Victory Royale.

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