Fortnite community wants a massive overhaul to this one “awful” feature

Fortnite community wants a massive overhaul to this one “awful” feature
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The continued mainstream relevance of Fortnite stems not only from its enjoyable FPS build ’em up experience but also from its multitude of fan- and developer-created game modes. But what once was a list of easy-to-navigate match offerings has become a clunky mess of generic clickbait match types that are turning new players away, which is why most of the fan base now wants a massive overhaul to the frustrating Discovery tab in-game.

Though the Chapter 5 update has brought plenty of new goodies to enjoy in the battle royale, such as the exciting Fortnite Lego game mode, the sheer number of panels, arrows, and sections you need to sift through is becoming a frustrating chore for most players. After all, logging on to play Fortnite OG shouldn’t require you to click past a million different variants of Prop Hunt or Octo Game.

These player issues with the Discovery tab have become so pronounced in recent months that some have turned to Reddit to call it out in an effort to have it changed once and for all. One dedicated fan even listed all the problems they’ve constantly encountered while using it, including its slow UI, confusing layout, and bloated mess of generic fan-made game modes. The same user then bluntly noted that “people do not like this” and that “people do not come to Fortnite for creative maps.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a complaint like this has been lodged, as many within the community had already been calling on Epic Games to “fix” their messy Discovery tab in the past. But, as always, the developers have yet to comment on these suggestions, so all the player base can really do now is wait until they decide to make this feature more organized and easy to navigate in a future patch.

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