Crafty shooter Fortnite is following in the footsteps of other games this week and has launched a new Christmas-themed update for both the free-to-play sides of the game and the PvE Save the World portion, as well as introducing a new Battle Pass for the Battle Royale mode.

The release marks the start of Season Two of Fortnite Battle Royale, and brings along a limited time snowball themed rocket launcher, a festive Battle Bus and 'other gifts' as well as a ton of other fixes and additions. Season Two will run from now until February 20.

Most notable is the addition of an all new 'Battle Pass' which unlocks a range of new cosmetic items for your player in Battle Royale mode. Interestingly enough, once you've bought it you can actually choose to earn more items by playing games to level the Battle Pass up which can earn you up to 65+ additional items.

Thankfully, everything the Battle Pass provides is cosmetic, so there's no worry about any gameplay advantages. The devs expect it'll take around 75-150 hours of play to unlock everything in the pass by the end of the season but you can, expectedly, hurry this process along by purchasing microtransactions.

Meanwhile, the game's Save the World co-operative PvE mode gets a Survive the Holidays event, which adds an entire new story questline, new mini-bosses, new classes and new heroes. All the additions come with a huge set of changes too numerous to mention here, but you can read up on the entire patch notes yourself on the Fortnite website.

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