Next week will see the return of winter event The Dawning to the Destiny series and Bungie has now revealed what we can expect from the first Destiny 2 iteration of the festivities in a new blog post it posted last night.

Naturally, the most obvious changes will include a sprinkling of festive snow and plenty of decorations added to the game's social spaces The Tower and The Farm. There'll also be huge piles of snow, with which Guardians will be able to have snowball fights because of course. These snowball fights will also show up in Strikes, allowing you to stun enemies with them for massive damage presumably with the idea you've been sticking rocks or unwanted engrams in there.

Mayhem returns to the Strike playlists, meaning abilities charge up faster and point values are cranked up so big scores can be racked up more quickly. Victories in the Crucible as well as Strikes will count towards milestones which will grant a Dawning engram once completed. These Dawning engrams can then be opened to uncover exclusive Dawning themed armour pieces, ships, ghosts, sparrows and emotes. Of course, there's also the option of getting hold of them via Tess and the Eververse with Bright Dust, with Bungie promising that every Dawning specific exotic and legendary armour piece will be sold by Tess at some point over the three week period.

Finally, you'll be able to grab Dawning Gift schematics from the Bazaar for each vendor. Craft these and give the resulting gifts to their respective NPCs across Destiny 2's solar system and you'll get a gift in return in an activity that'll be repeatable every day.

All this kicks off from next Tuesday, December 19 and will end Tuesday January 9. No word if Xur will be dressed up as Santa Claus though, that would be a nice touch. Destiny 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. 

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