Forspoken shows off almost ten minutes of gameplay in new footage

Forspoken shows off almost ten minutes of gameplay in new footage
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We’ve got our best look yet at the gameplay of upcoming magical action adventure Forspoken thanks to a new video.

The footage comes care of Game Informer in the US, and includes eight minutes of actual moment-to-moment gameplay. We get to see an early area of the game, referred to in the video as a Sideways City. It turns out the mysterious magical storm called The Break has had different effects on the different realms of Athia, and given this city a literal new perspective as it contorts the landscape.

However, that same Break has brought New York City kid Frey to the world, and has imbued her with magical powers. She’ll need all of these powers at her disposal to take on the City’s nastier inhabitants. We get to see plenty of that here, and how Frey will combine these abilities in combat encounters.

It looks as though these abilities will have an elemental flavour, with Frey playing with electricity, water, fire, ice and more. She’ll also be able to summon magical companions, that can help out or give you certain buffs. If things really get in a pinch, you’ll be able to summon larger magical attacks that, for example, cover a wider area.

All this, and we also get to see some magical parkour abilities. It turns out that you will have to manage your magical resources and it won’t be an infinite source. You’ll have to make sure you have enough before attempting the most impressive moves, lest you take fall damage.

Forspoken is set to arrive on PlayStation 5 & PC on October 11, 2022 following a delay announced earlier this month.