Foamstars is Square Enix’s take on a Hi-Fi Rush FPS, coming to PS4 and PS5

Foamstars is Square Enix’s take on a Hi-Fi Rush FPS, coming to PS4 and PS5
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Square Enix has revealed their own version of a family-friendly multiplayer shooter à la Splatoon with the reveal of Foamstars. Instead of you using paint to cover enemy areas, however, you and your teammates will be armed with foam-filled weapons of mass destruction.

With the initial trailer having finally been revealed through the May 2023 PlayStation showcase, we were finally able to get a good look at its gameplay along with some of the characters you’ll meet in the game. What made the preview stand out even more, though, was the upbeat pop track playing during the video that was reminiscent of the Persona 5 soundtrack.

As viewers were serenaded by the singer’s wonderful voice, scenes of Foamstars’ animated characters battling it out were scattered throughout the clip. Several bubble-based firearms were put on display, with the most memorable ones being the gatling gun-like weapon that can blast others with a powerful burst of foam and the ‘Foam-thrower’ that can spit out a steady stream of bubbly liquid.

Spectators were also treated to a few looks at the urban-centric maps that players will be dropping into once it’s released. With all this in mind, the music, environmental layout, and character design all combine to make what seems to be Square Enix’s take on a Hi-Fi Rush FPS entry.

Alas, a Foamstars release date hasn’t been provided by Square Enix at the time of writing so you may have to wait a little while before you can get to shooting your foam-filled weapons. Fortunately, it will be available on both previous and current gen consoles so you won’t need to upgrade just to play it.

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