First Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass release seemingly leaked by Microsoft

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Call of Duty is bound for Xbox Game Pass. Everyone knows it is set to join the subscription service ever since Microsoft finalized their acquisition of Activision and Blizzard. It’s simply a matter of when and if all the games from series past join all at once or sporadically. While CoD has not joined XGP yet, the first Call of Duty to join Xbox Game Pass has possibly been leaked by Microsoft.

Expect big Call of Duty news soon. Details about the imminent reveal of Call of Duty 2024 have leaked, and over 100 guns, perks, and killstreaks have leaked for Black Ops Gulf War, too. It’s a very exciting new installment for the community, and the campaign is poised to be the best ever with multiplayer also remastering a classic Black Ops map loved by everyone.

Everything about Black Ops Gulf War sounds great, and there is the possibility it could be free for millions of gamers from day one by releasing on Xbox Game Pass. But, before it possibly joins Microsoft’s subscription service this fall, there is the likelihood that previous CoD games join first.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 leaked for Xbox Game Pass

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has possibly leaked for Xbox Cloud Gaming which requires a Game Pass subscription. Reddit user Psychological-Pool-3 has shared a screenshot that shows Black Ops 3 appearing in Xbox Cloud Gaming. Their Reddit post says ‘I noticed it on my phone but when I clicked on it, it just sorta freezes for a sec before going back to the top so I don’t think it’s supposed to be there’.

The question is whether it was an error on Microsoft’s part as a leak of something happening soon or as something that won’t materialize. In the replies, the top comment says ‘It’s def coming, just a matter of when’.

This is a sentiment echoed by many. While fans agree that it’s likely joining Game Pass, one fan says ‘As much as I would love for them to just dump the entire COD catalogue on Game Pass in one go, I think a good idea would be to add 1 COD a month, culminating in the (imo) G.O.A.T: Black Ops 2’.

Again, although unconfirmed, Call of Duty joining Xbox Game Pass is inevitable and more a matter of when than if. Per a report from The Verge, Microsoft is preparing a summer showcase for June 9th/10th, and this is expected to feature Xbox Game Pass news involving Call of Duty alongside the announcement of a new Gears of War.

While it’s possible Call of Duty could join Game Pass before the Microsoft summer showcase, it’s more likely that a game is immediately dropped onto Game Pass during the summer showcase or only after.

For more CoD news, leaked details about zombies should excite fans disappointed by Modern Warfare 3. We also have a whole hub of leaks and rumors about Call of Duty 2024.

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