Final Fantasy XVI will have A.I. assists to help inexperienced players

Final Fantasy XVI will have A.I. assists to help inexperienced players
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Final Fantasy XVI, the upcoming R.P.G. from Square Enix, will have wearable A.I. assists to help less experienced players.

In an interview with Famitsu (via VGC), producer Naoki Yoshida explains the game’s unique approach to difficulty. It will. apparently, feature an action-based battle system—like Final Fantasy VII Remake, for example.

The game will offer two modes, Action Focus Mode and Story Focus Mode. The latter will act as a “guarantee that even those who are not good at action games will definitely be able to enjoy it.” Story Focus Mode, rather than just tipping combat heavily in favour of the player, will offer something else. A slew of items that toggle numerous accessibility mechanics, each of which will change the game in some respect.

Yoshida said:

“There is no change to the story content in either mode. Firstly, FF16 has the concept of accessories for equipment. In Story Focus Mode, AI-implemented accessories are provided from the start, and Clive’s basic controls can be changed by attaching and removing them.

“For example, if an enemy attack is about to hit, Clive will make a perfect move to avoid it in a super-cool way.”

Yoshida then spoke about not making the experience too easy:

“I think there are some people who think that if [the game] moves on its own, it’s not an action game. For those people, there are some items where you can really feel the sensation of controlling the game yourself.

“Accessories can be put on and taken off at any time, so you can adapt them to your skill level, removing them when you get used to them, or equipping them when you find it difficult.”

Final Fantasy XVI is coming out in 2023, exclusively on the PlayStation 5.