Final Fantasy XV is finally winging its way to the PC on March 6, and those of you who purchase the game on the Microsoft store will be able to engage in multiplayer shenanigans with Xbox One owners.

A store listing for the JRPG confirms that the game will indeed support cross-play with Xbox One players, although it's only available in this version of the game; the Steam edition won't include the feature, but does add a dedicated workshop for mods. 

If that wasn't enough to sway you into throwing your money at the Big M, then the Windows version also throws in other Xbox-related goodies, including achievements, Xbox Live presence, and cloud saves. Presumably, the co-op that's mentioned in the listing pertains to the Comrades DLC, which is a multiplayer-focused expansion that ships with the PC version of FFXV.

In addition to the PC edition of the game, Square Enix is also releasing Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition for PS4 and Xbox One on the same day, which throws in the base game plus all major expansions.  Read our review of Final Fantasy XV here

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