Square Enix has opened up pre-orders for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, as well as giving you a chance to get your rig up to speed with a handy benchmark tool. Check it out on the game's blog, where you'll find links to all major regions.

As previously reported, the sprawling JRPG will be going all out for the upcoming PC release, featuring native 4K resolution support, HDR, and various other enhancements that will require some pretty substantial tech muscle.

Those of you looking to pre-order the game can pick from various bonus options depending on where you put your cash down. The Steam pre-order offers up fresh clobber for Noctis in the shape of the FFXV Fashion Collection, Origin lets you pimp your ride with the Decal Selection Pack, while the Microsoft Store rewards you with the Power-up Pack, which features 10 Phoenix Downs, 10 Elixirs, and the Dodanuki Sword.

Final Fantasy XV will be hitting PC on March 6, and features the vanilla version of the title alongside a boatload of extra content, such as Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Episode Ignis, and the multiplayer-focused Comrades. 

In addition, Square Enix will also roll out Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for PS4 and Xbox One on the same day, which includes all of the content seen in the PC release. Alice came away rather impressed with FFXV when it first hit stores back in November 2016, so read her review to find out more.

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