Update 10:36am BST, September 19: The UK and EU version of Final Fantasy IX is now available to purchase on the PlayStation Store with a price point of £16.99 (or £13.59 for PS Plus members until September 26). Those who purchase the digital edition will also receive an original custom theme and eight key character avatars.  

Original Story, 9:50am BST, September 19: Sony announced during the PlayStation Tokyo Games Show press conference that Final Fantasy IX is getting a PlayStation 4 re-release. A European and UK release date is yet to be confirmed, but it’ll be available to download from the PlayStation Store in Japan later today.

Final Fantasy IX was expected to be re-released following a leak on a ratings board listing prior to the conference taking place. So although this news is pleasant, the element of surprise wasn’t there.

Like the Final Fantasy VII re-release last year on PS4, this version looks to be a port of the PC version, and it’ll feature sharper visuals and generally look much nicer on the eyes. 

FFIX took the series back to its roots with a renewed focus on different job types, and some fans even considered it to be the best Final Fantasy game on the original PlayStation. I could agree with that if the game didn’t totally lose its way on the last disc, but it remains one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series without a doubt.

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