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*BREAKING* FIFA 23: TOTW 6 – Is This the Best TOTW Yet? We speak with an Expert to find out

*BREAKING* FIFA 23: TOTW 6 – Is This the Best TOTW Yet? We speak with an Expert to find out
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Team of the Week 6 (TOTW) is here and as we suspected, it may just be the best one yet. There are players from all leagues, for all types of squads in this weeks TOTW.

There are obviously a few stand outs, but Weekend League is a must whilst this team is in packs.


  • GK, Vlachdimos 84 OVR (Benfica)
  • CB, De Ligt 86 OVR (Bayern Munich)
  • LB, Marusic 82 OVR (Lazio)
  • RB, Castagne 84 OVR (Leicester City) – Featured in-form
  • CDM, Casemiro 90 OVR (Manchester United)
  • CM, Bellingham 86 OVR (Borussia Dortmund)
  • CM, Berghuis 84 OVR (Ajax)
  • CAM, Grifo 84 OVR (Freiburg)
  • ST, Mbappe 92 OVR (PSG)
  • ST, Martinez 87 OVR (Inter Milan)
  • RW, Dembele 85 OVR (Barcelona)
  • GK, Henderson 82 OVR (Nottingham Forest)
  • CB, Lejeune 81 OVR (Rayo Vallecano)
  • CM, Rabiot 83 OVR (Juventus)
  • CAM, Brahim Diaz 82 OVR (A.C. Milan)
  • LM, Bouanga 81 OVR (LAFC)
  • ST, Griezmann 85 OVR (Atletico Madrid)
  • ST, Lacazetee 84 OVR (Olympique Lyon)
  • RM, Palacios 76 OVR (Seongnam FC)
  • CAM, Popadiuc 74 OVR (Chindia)
  • RW, Del Castillo 79 OVR (Stade Brestois)
  • ST, Bradshaw 77 OVR (Millwall FC)

How does FIFA 23 Team of the Week (TOTW) Work ? 

TOTW is an event that occurs weekly to celebrate the players who showed the best form in the last round of games.

These cards can only be earned in packs, but they will also be in the rewards for the FUT Champions game mode on a weekend. 

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These players range in quality, and the players who are the best will make up the starting eleven, then there will also be a bench and a reserves. So there will be a 22 man squad of in-forms. 

Hopefully you’ll be able to pack a team of the week player, as EA have originally said that special content – to which team of the week falls under has a ‘probability of less than 1%‘ so it’s definitely lucrative to get your hands on!

FIFA 23 TOTW 6 Release Date

FIFA 23s TOTW always releases on a Wednesday. This week’s TOTW releases on the 26th of October.

There looks to be another promo coming on Friday too, so we will have two sets of cards dropping this week. 

What time does FIFA 23 TOTW 6 come out?

Much like the release date, we also know to expect FUT TOTW at the same time every week: 6PM BST / 1PM ET / 10AM ET. 6PM BST / 1PM ET / 10AM ET. 

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EA always releases their new content in FIFA at this time. The only reason it would not be released at this time would be due to some kind of complications, which to be fair has happened in the past. 

What an Expert Has to Say on TOTW 6

We spoke with Neal Guides, to ask what they thought about this latest Team of the Week, and here’s what they highlighted from this latest squad:

Star Pick

Dembele 85 – RW, Barcelona
Dembele has always been known to be a top tier card, in particular his 5* Skills and Weak Foot combo make him one of the few cards in the game that can do everything in attack.

Although his gold card was good, we see massive upgrades to his attacking stats, all his shooting stats have gone up by +3, as well as most of his passing stats.

+2 upgrades across the board for all his dribbling stats, +3 for all his physical including an individual buff of +4 to his stamina, which one was of his weak points for his gold card, as you felt you needed to sub him off because his stamina could not last the full 90 minutes.

A card that was always META and a first choice for most players, will be pricey, especially because he has the French links and the nature of his card, but definitely a top pick for one of the best RM/RWs!

Polished Player

Bellingham 86 – CM, Borussia Dortmund
Bellingham is already a good card, but upgrades across his entire card has made him much more effective. There has been a +2 to his pace, dribbling & physical stats, and a +3 his shooting, defending and passing stats. Boosts across all stats are more important for midfielders, who play box-to-box and do everything on the pitch.

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If we focus on his defensive awareness upgrade of +3. Which is very important this year as the running jockey speed when defending is based on this stat, therefore he would have a quicker speed when he is defending, which makes up for his lack of sprint speed.

The increase of his shooting will make him more deadly when going forward, both from inside and outside the box. A player that really “packs-a-punch” for any team an all-rounder box-to-box.

Under The Radar

Bouanga 81 – LM, LAFC
Bouanga at first glance, definitely not a card that you will look twice at, mainly due to his Gabon nation link and MLS league links, which make him hard to fit in any team, however, many players that play FUT champions will most likely get him as a pick to choose from in their rewards. 

Although he may not be a starter, I think as a super sub, he is a dangerous option, 4* for both Weak Foot and Skill Moves, he has a massive +6 pace upgrade, bringing his pace to 90 overall, +7 to his shooting which makes him viable to score, a +13 boost to heading accuracy which makes him more impactful in the air.

With major boosts to his passing overall +7 and his dribbling +6 (in particular, his 92 Agility), makes him more agile on the ball, which is very important, especially if you are a heavy user of left stick dribbling.

A deadly super sub that can definitely change the game, more as a fast-paced winger, but also can play striker, there is no harm in bringing him on, especially given the fact you can now sub on up to 5 players in a match.

FIFA 23 TOTW 6 – Mbappe, Dembele, Rabiot and More Leaked

All the information below this point, were our predictions and leaks prior to the release of the team. We got a few right, but naturally, there were a few surprises.

Despite us predicting that Valverde will be in TOTW in our player predictions below. We are staring to see leaks that Vinicius Junior will be the Real Madrid player to feature in TOTW6. Both Valverde and Vinicius are amazing on FIFA 23, so it would be a win regardless of who is in the team.

The only other players we have seen leaked is Ousmane Dembele of Barcelona, PSGs Kylian Mbappė and De Ligt who turns out for Bayern Munich.

De Ligt does have a Ones to Watch already out, so if he is set to get his first in form of the season, we will see that card receiving a healthy boost too.

The full squad has now leaked, and if these leaks are to be believed this could be the best TOTW yet. Take a look below:

  • GK, Odisseas Vlachodimos (SL Benfica)
  • GK, Dean Henderson (Nottingham Forest)
  • CB, Matthijs De Ligt (Bayern Munich)
  • LB, Adam Marusic (Lazio)
  • CB, Florian Lejeune (Rayo Vallecano)
  • CDM, Casemiro (Manchester United)
  • CM, Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)
  • CAM, Steven Berghuis (Ajax)
  • CAM, Vicenzo Grifo (Freiburg)
  • CM, Adrien Rabiot
  • CAM, Brahim Diaz (A.C. Milan)
  • LM, Denis Bouanga (LAFC)
  • RW, Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona)
  • ST, Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)
  • ST, Alexander Lacazette (Olympique Lyon)
  • ST, Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan)
  • ST Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

FIFA 23 TOTW 6 Player Predictions – Who has earned an in-form this week? 

FIFA 23s TOTWs so far have all been incredibly consistent with a high class of players, this week looks to be no different after some incredible performances this last week.

This week there are even more players to choose from too, as many leagues had more than one matchday this last week because of how busy the football calendar has been. 

Let’s take a look at who we think will be in TOTW 6: 

  • GK, Dean Henderson (Nottingham Forest) – The England international kept Forest in the game at the weekend as they secured victory, and a clean sheet, against Liverpool. 
  • GK, Odisseas Vlachodimos (Benfica) – Keeping a clean sheet against Porto is as good as it gets for this keeper, especially when you consider how important that fixture is to Portuguese football.
  • RB, Juan Cuadrado (Juventus) – Juventus have been far from their best this season, but they secured an important 4-0 win against Empoli on Friday. We think Cuadrado will receive the TOTW for his two assists, but Rabiot could also receive it this week for his contributions. 
  • CB, Florian Lejuene (Rayo Vallecano) – It’s not every week a defender grabs themselves a brace, but that’s what Lejuene did this past weekend to seal his place in TOTW 6. 
  • CB, De Ligt (Bayern Munich) – De Ligt is actually great on FIFA 23, and he also has a Ones to Watch, so an in-form for him would be very welcome.
  • CM, Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund) – The young midfielder scored two goals at the weekend and was strong all over the pitch as Dortmund dismantled VfB Stuttgart with ease. Sule was also very impressive in this game, so expect one of them to feature. 
  • CM, Parejo (Villareal) – Normally if a team goes down to 9 men, the game is lost, but not this time around. Parejo managed to assist to clinch his team victory against Almeria.
  • RW, Valverde (Real Madrid) – Another week goes by, another Valverde masterclass along with it. The Uruguayan is in incredible form right now and scored an absolute screamer at the weekend to surely earn himself a place in TOTW6. 
  • ST, Kylain Mbappe (PSG) – Mbappe bagged himself two goals at the weekend to ensure his sides victory against Ajaccio. Messi also got two assists in this game but the young Frenchman is yet to get an in-form. 
  • ST, Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan) – We have been predicting Martinez receiving a TOTW for a while, his form has been amazing so far and at the weekend he grabbed himself another two goals. We think this week will be the week. 
  • RW, Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona) – The tricky Frenchman is always amazing on FIFA and has incredible dribbling stats, as well as both 5* weak foot and skill moves. Barcelona scored 5 goals at the weekend, and Dembele was involved in all of them, he is certain to feature on this TOTW.
  • ST, Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) – Griezmann is another option for the TOTW after he bagged a brace at the weekend. There was a lot of high performing players this weekend just gone though, so someone is bound to miss out.
  • CAM, Brahim Diaz (AC Milan) – AC Milan dispatched of Monza easily. Part of the reason it was way is because of Diaz nabbing himself two goals, in their 4-1 win.
  • ST, Danny Ings (Aston Villa) – Ings managed to grab himself two goals at the weekend, and although Leon Bailey also had an outstanding game, we think Ings will receive the boost.


Are TOTWs still in packs?

Yes, TOTW players are still in packs, new batch of cards will be updated by 6PM on Wednesday to reveal TOTW 6’s cards.

What is TOTW in FIFA?

FIFA 23 TOTW stands for Team of the Week, and is a selection of upgraded Ultimate Team cards rewarded to players who have performed well for their clubs during the domestic season.

What does featured mean in TOTW?

Featured refers to the best player of the week that usually gets the highest rated card granted to them for their performance.

What day of the week is TOTW?

TOTW is always on a Wednesday, then the cards will remain in packs for a whole week until the next team drops.