FIFA 23: How to Skip Replays

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EA sports brings the best of replay technology to the FIFA series with the all-new Hypermotion 2 Technology replay feature. This feature allows gamers to experience replays like never before with more dynamic animations than the Instant replay in past FIFA versions. 

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Players can still pause, fast forward, rewind, and change the camera angle in replays. However, with time, such replays might become too repetitive, or you might want to skip the game to get back into the action.

Your buddy might also want to wind you up by letting the replays last longer. 

Luckily, each player has the opportunity to stop the replay at any point and return to the game. 

FIFA 23: How to Skip Replays

Captured in FIFA 23

The keys needed to do it depend on the platform. After scoring, your player will start sprinting across the field to perform their celebration, while they are doing this:

  • For Playstation, you can skip the replay by pressing down and holding the L1 button along with R1 ( that is, L1+R1). 
  • This command is carried out on the Xbox platform by holding the LB and RB buttons (LB+RB).
  • For PC, press the right and left bumpers simultaneously.

If the replay starts, you can bypass it by

  •  Pressing X on Playstation. 
  • Or A on the Xbox. 
  • For PC, press the Spacebar or right click depending on whether you use the keyboard or Mouse and Keyboard.

Skipping the replay and celebration is available online and offline and can be carried out by both players. 

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Replays allow players to study plays and view amusing glitches that may appear in the game from several angles and depths. However, Good sportsmanship requires that you respect your opponents and skip replays when they are unnecessary.

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