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FIFA 23 how to play Kick Off

fifa 23 kick off mode
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FIFA 23 is here, and ready for you to play.

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There are a ton of modes on FIFA 23 – from Career Mode and Ultimate Team to this article’s focus, Kick Off, where you can play with friends.

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How to play Kick off

Kick Off is easy to get to and can be found in the in-game menu. It’s the go-to mode if you want to play couch FIFA with some friends.

Once you select the mode, you want to select sides. Do this by moving the controller to the side you want to be on. If you select the same side as your friend the you’ll be playing on the same team.


If you do not select sides, the game will assume you want the AI to play against each other in a ‘sim’ match. At any time during that game, you’re able to go in and select a side to play against.

There a eight Kick Off modes in FIFA 23, tailored to those who want to jump in and have a quick game, either solo or with friends. Kick Off mode does not support online play – and is local only.

Kick Off mode in FIFA 23
Kick Off modes in FIFA 23 (image taken by Videogamer.com)
  • Classic Match: This is your typical pick-up-and-play mode – easy to get into and allows you plenty of customization, from match length to weather. For those looking for a quick game, this mode will be your focus
  • House Rules: This was introduced a couple of years ago and went down a storm with fans. It’s far from traditional FIFA, so you’ll be do things such as headers and volleys. It’s fun for those who want a quick distraction, but not our favorite mode
  • Volta Football: When Volta was unveiled, it was hard not to think of FIFA Street. It doesn’t quite have the same charm as those games but is still a lot of fun. Skill moves and flair is the order of the day here – a perfect side dish to all the ‘serious’ football modes. You can play 2v2, 4v4 and 5v5 across lively, compact stadiums all over the world
  • UEFA Champions League: Select a side then battle through an entire tournament in hope of the most coveted trophy in the world.
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores: Just like the above, you can take part in South America’s flagship tournament
  • Cup Final: Skip all of the group stages and head straight for the main event. The Europa League Final, FA Cup Final and Champions League Final are amongst those that feature.
  • Home and Away: Two matches with the winner being the team who has scored the most goals combined.
  • Best of Series: Exactly what you think – set a ‘best of’ limit then battle it out for the win.

FIFA 23 Kick Off FAQ

What is FIFA kick-off mode?

FIFA kick off mode is a offline game mode tailored for players who want a ‘sim feel’ to it. From here you can select a range of modes with real life teams.

What modes are in FIFA kick off?

Here are all the modes in FIFA’s kickoff section.

  • Classic Match
  • House Rules
  • Volta Football
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Cup Final
  • Home and Away
  • Best of Series