FIFA 23 – CAREER MODE: How to Change Kit

FIFA 23 – CAREER MODE: How to Change Kit
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FIFA 23 has been out for a couple of days now, and fans worldwide have gotten to test out tons of new features, changes, and improvements implemented into the game this year. These changes and inclusions also extend to one of the most popular Play Modes in FIFA – Career Mode. 

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Exciting additions to FIFA 23 career mode include the ability to play as a real manager, playable highlights, interesting new cutscenes, and third kit and goalkeeper kit customization, amongst others. 

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Although there are a few tweaks to how you carry out some actions in the game this year, career mode has remained mostly unchanged.

The third kit and GK kit customization option is just an inclusion in the same way you could change your team’s kit ahead of a new start to Career Mode from previous editions. So here’s how to do that on FIFA 23:

FIFA 23: How to Change Kit?

  • Launch the game on your console or PC.
  • On the main menu, select “Play Modes.”
  • In Play Modes, head to Career and select New Career or Load a Saved Career. You should note, however, that changing your team’s kit is only something you can do at the beginning of a season in career mode, and you can’t change it once your season has started. So if you already skipped this step in your saved game, you will have to create a New Career or *wait until the start of a new season.
  • Choose New Career, and you may be prompted to download the latest squad updates, use current squads, or use the initial squads before any updates.
  • In the following menu, you can Create a New Manager or Play as a Real Manager [new feature].
  • Select either one and then choose to Create Your Club.
  • In creating your club, complete your Club Info down to the Kit, Crest, and Stadium settings. Here you’ll be able to change your kit by selecting Customize Kits. You can change your Home Kit, Away Kit, and a new addition to FIFA 23, Third Kit, and GK Kit, anyhow you want, including the colors, styles, patterns, and sponsors (except in the GK kit for some reason).
  • Complete the other Career Settings and Advance to continue your game.
  • If you decide to wait until the start of a new season in Career Mode, you can change your team’s kit by hitting Edit Club on the Central menu. You’ll be able to customize your kit just like at the beginning of the career mode and then select Advance to continue your season.

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