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*UPDATED* FIFA 23 FUT Flash Packs, Black Friday Schedule and World Cup Icons Out Now

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We are just approaching Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving that kicks off the Christmas shopping season with outrageous discounts pretty much everywhere you look. FIFA Ultimate Team is no different too, with discounted flash packs, new players and more set to release on Black Friday to mark the occasion.

Early Black Friday deals are starting to go live on Amazon & Best Buy. Big brands such as Lenovo and Samsung are also starting to offer Black Friday discounts early, with many more to follow.

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So far we know we can expect to see the FIFA 23: Road to the World Cup cards released, and you can learn more about them here. However, we are also expecting much more to come from the FIFA 23 Black Friday event. 

FIFA 23 Centurion Pack Release Date

We have also seen leaks that a special pack will be being released into FIFA 23 called a Centurion pack. This pack is set to feature 100 rare golds and 10 World Cup player picks. 

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It is still unknown how much this pack is going to cost, but if you’re new to FIFA 23 this pack could set you up for months. We should expect this pack on the 25th of November, however we are unsure at what time this pack will go live and if it will be part of the Flash Packs. 

FIFA 23 Black Friday Flash Packs

The flash packs will be released at the top of every hour throughout Black Friday and the packs should be heavily discounted. These packs will vary in quality but there will be plenty available to buy throughout the day. 

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We will update this section throughout Black Friday with the new packs as they’re released. 

Flash Packs:

  • Premium Gold Players Pack – 25,000 or 350 FIFA points (Available until 8PM GMT)
  • Prime Gold Players Pack – 45,000 or 600 FIFA points (EXPIRED)
  • Rare Gold Players Pack – 50,000 or 1,000 FIFA points (EXPIRED)
  • Premium Gold Players Pack – 25,000 coins or 350 FIFA points (EXPIRED)
  • Prime Gold Players Pack – 45,000 Coins or 600 FIFA Points (EXPIRED)
  • Rare Players Pack – 50,000 coins or 1,000 FIFA Points (EXPIRED)

We are expecting more packs to drop at 6pm when we will also receive more in-game content.

FIFA 23 Black Friday Lighting SBCs 

It is likely, if you’re buying packs then you’re going to get a fair few duplicate cards you don’t know what to do with. Luckily there will also be lighting SBCs released throughout the day too, so you can put some of those duplicates to good use. 

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons

As part of the Black Friday release we are also getting World Cup Icons released into the game. These Icons are a brand new addition to FIFA 23. They are replacing the Icon Moments from FIFA 22. Hopefully this reform of the Icons will mean they will have more longevity within the game.

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FIFA 23 Best of TOTW Release Date

One thing we do know is coming, alongside the Road to the World Cup promo, is the re-release of the best TOTW cards that have come so far in FIFA 23. In case you weren’t aware, FIFA 23 has put TOTWs on hold for the duration of the World Cup, so this could be your only way of getting in-forms at the moment. 

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We are expecting the release of these cards to either be on Black Friday (the 25th of November) or the day before, just to draw out the event a bit more. 

Will FIFA Points be Discounted on Black Friday?

As far as we know, FIFA points will most likely not be discounted during the Black Friday event however there are other ways you can get discounts on these points. Including the Green Man Gaming links we put above, but also if you’re an EA Play member you will get a 10% discount on FIFA points.