FIFA 23 FUT Ballers: Is Jack Grealish Worth It? 

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Jack Grealish is the most expensive English player of all time, for now, and his inclusion in the most recent FUT Ballers promo in FIFA 23 is no surprise due to his extreme popularity. He is never much of a FIFA player though because of his lack of pace, but he does have some other attributes that so with a pace boost he could be frightening. 

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The most recent promo in FIFA 23 is the FUT Ballers Promo and it’s quite unique to anything we have seen before in FIFA. Instead of releasing the cards in packs, with a few in challenges and SBCs, the FUT Ballers are earned in a different way. 

In order to unlock the majority of these cards you have to do their respective SBC, then you can upgrade them using objectives, the first released was Luis Diaz that you can read about here. 

Here is everything you need to know about Jack Grealish’ FUT Ballers card and most importantly is it good value? 

How to Get FUT Ballers Jack Grealish? 

In order to get the base FUT Ballers Jack Grealish you will need to complete his SBC. The SBC requirements are: 

  • 83 Rated Squad 
  • Minimum of 1 Premier League Player 

Once you complete the SBC you will receive an 88 rated Jack Grealish that can be then upgraded into a 90 via the objectives. Interestingly, an 88 isn’t worth much less than the SBC so it’s worth it if only for the fodder later on. 

This SBC will cost just over 30,000 coins to complete. 

How to Upgrade FUT Ballers Jack Grealish? 

The 88 version of the card isn’t a bad card really, but the reason you do these SBCs is so you can upgrade them to get an even bigger boost, as well as some great new traits. In order to earn Grealish’s upgrade you will need to: 

  • Score 2 goals in 10 separate matches with Jack Grealish’s 88 Rated FUT Ballers card in either Rivals or Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro. 

Is FUT Ballers Jack Grealish Worth it? 

The short answer is yes. The upgraded version of the card is a 90 and can play on the left or in the ten. FUT Ballers Jack Grealish also has a great selection of new traits, like the rest of these cards. 

The only real downside is the 3 star weak foot which can be a bit a dealbreaker for some players. However, if this Jack Grealish fits into your squad, you won’t find a better 90 rated card that’s so achievable in FIFA 23. 

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