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FIFA 23: Flashback Messi Stats Leaked

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In FIFA 22 we saw a few players receive flashbacks to when the player was younger, less refined but a different player. For example we received a Neymar Jr that wasn’t as good as his normal card overall. Neymar’s Flashback had blistering pace and was much better at finishing when compared to his base card, but it was only an 87 as opposed to the 91 he had in FIFA 23

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The Flashback special cards are a great concept to have in FIFA, normally it is to call back to when that player was in their prime, but like the aforementioned Neymar Jr. they can sometimes be a Flashback to when the player was still good.

Just a different kind of player altogether. We have also had a Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback in the past, that received a position change too. 

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Now it looks as though we will be receiving the first kind of this Flashback in FIFA 23 soon, after Lionel Messi has been leaked by popular Twitter leaker FUTSherriff

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FIFA 23: Flashback Messi Leaked 

This could be one of the most exciting Flashbacks we have seen, especially of this kind. There is no doubt that this card will be calling back to when Messi first burst onto the scene, he had more pace and power but his passing wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it is today. 

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We have now seen the official stats for this card leaked and it looks incredible. The card is a right winger that boasts 90 Pace, 81 Shooting, 86 Passing, 91 Dribbling, 35 defending and 63 physicality. This Messi flashback may only be an 87, but he looks like he is going to feel even better than that in-game.

FIFA 23: Flashback Messi Release Date

We are not sure when this will be released as SBCs often release on any given day. We are certain though this card will be an SBC because Flashbacks always are, and for some reason we are still yet to get a promo dedicated to these fan favourite cards.