Simple FC 24 defending tactic is a cheat code

Simple FC 24 defending tactic is a cheat code
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We’re always looking to make our team the best it can be in FUT. That can be through trading, bringing in top players, and finding the best tactics in-game.

Well, there is a new defending tactic that can only be called a cheat code in FC 24 Ultimate Team! It is so broken that even the pros are complaining it makes the average player too good! Check out the simple defending tactic in FC 24 below.

FC 24 best defending tactic

What makes this such a powerful defending tactic is that it requires little effort from the player. Instead, it relies on the AI to work its magic. Since the FC 24 release date, everyone has been trying to find the best meta players and best formations and tactics to take their game to the next level – and this is it!

It all revolves around the magic number 71! When sorting out your tactics, set your defensive depth to 71.

You will notice that the description using this depth reads: “Adjust your defensive team shape to be high to help put pressure on possession teams. Your back line will be high and vulnerable for long balls in behind”. This is when the magic happens.

fc 24 71 depth defending tactic

Instead of acting in a passive way when your opposition has the ball, your team’s AI will start playing in a more aggressive way. This involves pressing the player on the ball and tracking runners. It will make your team much harder to play against, as your opponent has less time on the ball while also needing to find highly accurate passes.

The other brilliant thing about this tactic is that it doesn’t use up stamina any more than having your depth at a lower setting. We should also say, use a ‘Balanced’ defensive style, as opposed to ‘Press After Possession Loss’ or any other defensive style options. This will ensure your side doesn’t tire too quickly.

Now, as powerful as the 71 depth tactic is, it’s not impossible to play against. One out to it is using long, cross-field passes from one flank, then back to the other. The opposition team will switch to press on one side. This leaves loads of space for a full-back or winger on the opposite side to run into.

The 71 depth defending tactic is becoming so widespread in FC 24 that the pros are chiming in on the discussion. @NealGuides points out that it is so effective that even average players are gaining results they might not have done in the past.

fc 24 defending tactic tweet @nealguides

It is especially effective in FUT Champions, where the gameplay is slower than in other modes. This means the AI can close down the opposition more effectively before they have time to react.

This raises the question of having a proper skill gap in the game. If your average player can just employ a simple tactic to elevate their game massively using the game’s AI, then it reduces the skill gap between them and a pro player without human input.

For now, we know that the 71 depth defending tactic is an extremely effective way to improve your game in a simple way. By using this and other simple tricks, such as the overpowered corner tactic and the new dribbling technique, you can battle it out with the best players in FC 24!