FC 24 market crashes again after ridiculous promo cards revealed

FC 24 market crashes again after ridiculous promo cards revealed
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We could currently be seeing the FUT Transfer Market in the worst state it has ever been! That is saying something, given how terrible the FIFA 23 market was.

The FC 24 Ultimate Team Transfer Market is going through another crash, which is becoming as regular as clockwork.

FC 24 market crash explained

Already, we are seeing the value of cards slashed, with high-rated players even losing value. It has been the way for a while that every Friday you will see the market crash. This is because players are hoarding packs for the next promo and buying more packs from the FUT Store.

However, even the experts didn’t think prices would fall this low, this soon. There were big drops throughout the RTTK promo, with another one coming ahead of the EA FC 24 Trailblazers release date.

This hasn’t been helped by the EA FC 24 Trailblazers leaks which have popped up on socials. With Kylian Mbappe, Caroline Graham Hansen, and Mohamed Salah just some of the huge names rumored to be released, Trailblazers is looking like an insane promo!

Due to the ridiculous ratings of many of the leaked cards, and the fact that they are some of the best meta players in FC 24, everyone is holding onto their packs. Once Friday comes, a mammoth amount of packs will be opened. Plenty of special players will be packed and they will be pumped into the market. Thus another market crash in FC 24.

The data already shows that we are on a downward trajectory for player prices. As previously stated, that is to be expected going into a Friday promo release. But just how far the market drops will be telling.

fc 24 transfer market crash graph

Let’s remember, we are only going into the third week of FC 24 Ultimate Team since the worldwide FC 24 release date. Trailblazers will be just the second proper promo of the campaign. Already the market looks to be at rock bottom. That doesn’t spell good things for the future of the FUT 24 Transfer Market!

If you want to learn more about the market crash in FC 24 Ultimate Team and how you can try to make some coin out of the situation, check out the video from @ELYYT below: