Ubisoft has offered a fresh glimpse at the highly anticipated Far Cry 5 ahead of its launch later this month on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. This time we're treated to a meaty gameplay video, 'Mayhem in the Mountains,' plus a bunch of character vignettes based on the nefarious Seed family.

If you haven't already caught up on Far Cry 5's central antagonist, then we recommend checking out this live-action trailer, which chronicles the rise to power of religious nut Joseph Seed.

Far Cry 5 is pencilled in for release on March 27, and takes place in the fictional Hope County, a once-peaceful settlement that now plays host to the operations of Seed's cult, Eden's Gate. Players hop into the boots of a local Sheriff's Deputy sent to bring the tyrannical chap to justice, although as you'd expect, it's not as simple as waltzing into Hope County and nicking him.