by on Aug 4, 2020

Fall Guys has 120,000 concurrent players on its first day

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the brighly coloured battle royale party game from developer Mediatonic, had 120,000 concurrent players this afternoon.

Mediatonic made the announcement via the game’s Twitter account, saying “Just spoke to my friends in the server team and we have at least 120k people connected to the game right now.”

This has, understandably, caused some server difficulties, as people are flocking to play the game—not unlike the jelly-bean creatures that roam its world—amid the launch-day buzz.

“We’re currently BEEFING up our servers to cope with all of the BEANS who want to fall,” the announcement read. “There will be occasional interuptions for the next 30 mins.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Fall Guys, fear not; I had not heard of its existence until approximately last week.

The game offers, as per its Steam description, the chance to “battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness. Leave your dignity at the door and prepare for hilarious failure in your quest to claim the crown!”

The game is currently available on PS4 and PC, and is included in your PS Plus subscription.


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