Ex-Blur dev: ‘licensing cars maybe worked against us’

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Activision and Bizarre Creations licensed real cars for use in arcade racer Blur, but the development team’s ex design manager Gareth Wilson believes this could have worked against the game. According to Wilson, people like things they’re used to, and mixing things up is like putting bacon with Cornflakes.

“Licensing is a good way to go, but you have to be careful because licensing costs money,” Wilson said in his talk at Develop earlier in the week. “You have to balance it. With Project Gotham Racing 3 we spent millions getting Ferrari but it worked. People saw that on the cover.

“But with Blur, the licensing maybe worked against us: real cars and weapons. Bacon with cornflakes.”

“Fear is a bigger driver for consumers than desire,” he added. “They’re not going to buy something they haven’t tried before, because it might be crap.”

Wilson now works at Sumo Digital as chief game designer. Bizarre Creations closed back in February.

Via Edge

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