A team of ex-Bizarre employees, lead by senior manager Pete Wallace, have opened Lucid Games. The formation of the new studio comes a week after the Activision-owned Bizarre Creations was closed.

When Bizarre was closed some 200 people were put out of work. Lucid Games hopes to employ up to 50 ex-Bizarre staff by winning contracts to develop games.

"The idea is to take the spirit of Bizarre Creations and see if we can improve on that," Wallace told Liverpool Daily Post.

"We know people are being targeted by headhunters and being asked about moving, particularly to Canada," Lucid's commercial director, Andy Davidson said. "We want to get back to the levels of innovation and creativity at Bizarre that made Activision so keen to acquire it."

If we had to put money on it, we'd bet that Lucid won't be making Blur 2 for Activision. Small studios often start out making downloadable titles, though, so it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility for Activision to fund the development of Geometry Wars 3. Or Microsoft could hire the studio to assist in the development of the next Project Gotham Racing. We can dream.

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