Bizarre Creations is no more. The studio which operated from 1994 to 2011 is responsible for some of the best racing games in video game history, and is the dev team behind the brilliant Geometry Wars.

To mark the studio's closure, Bizarre's video editor Eamon Urtone put together a video to celebrate the titles produced in recent years.

Farewell Bizarre…it’s been an absolute pleasure! from Eamon Urtone on Vimeo.

The studio shot to fame with 1996's Formula One on the PlayStation, which featured incredible visuals for the time. It went on to create Metropolis Street Racer for SEGA's ill-fated Dreamcast, but that superb arcade city-based racer formed the basis for Bizarre's most recognised franchise: PGR (although owned by Microsoft).

Project Gotham Racing launched alongside the Xbox in 2003, with its genre defining sequel arriving two years later in 2005, bringing with it unprecedented online features. Its next title, PG3, was one of the Xbox 360's premier launch titles, while PGR 4 took things a step further in 2007 but sadly didn't earn the deserved commercial success.

Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved may well go down as the studio's most adored and well received title, while The Club (SEGA) and Blur (Activision) will both be remembered as great games which failed to get the sales they deserved.

Sadly for Bizarre, its last game was James Bond 007: Blood Stone, an almost universally panned third-person shooter that featured action-packed driving sequences.

Bizarre Creations' closure is very sad indeed. The studio produced five 9/10 rated games (on in five years, with the disappointing Blood Stone being the only blip in recent memory.

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