Ben Borthwick by on Jan 6, 2022

Embr gets a new Secret Hosr mode as the game arrives on Xbox Game Pass

Multiplayer firefighting game Embr is getting an update today introducing a brand new Secret Hosr game mode as it arrives on Xbox Game Pass.

The new free game mode groups you and three other Responders into new, longer missions to defuse explosives, rescue clients and put out fires. However, there’s now a new wrinkle as one of your number is a Hosr Agent working against you. It’ll be their job to try and hinder your mission, and you’ll have to flush them out. To do this, you’ll have a one-time report that you can use to vote them out. Get it wrong, however, and you waste your vote and the saboteur gets all of the team’s money for the mission.

Firefighters on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch will be able to access the new free mode right from the game’s menu after an update. PC users, meanwhile, will have to download the dedicated DLC client from the Embr Steam page.

The new mode comes just as Embr also arrives on Xbox Game Pass from today. Subscribers can download and play the game for no extra cost on Console, Cloud and PC. Check out the trailer for Embr‘s new Secret Hosr game mode for yourself down below.


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23 September 2021