EA Sports FC 24 sees return of toxic celebration

EA Sports FC 24 sees return of toxic celebration
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We’re fast approaching the EA Sports FC 24 release date, with a gameplay trailer revealed and pre-orders now live. Over the coming weeks, we will be getting a better look at the upcoming game, with fans analysing trailers and images to try and spot any hidden details we can expect to see. 

It may just be the start of the build-up toward FC 24 but one detail has already sent chills through the Ultimate Team community. FIFA 23 introduced the Griddy as a celebration in the game, and now another toxic celebration looks set to return! 

Playing Ultimate Team can bring massive amounts of joy, but it can also be an extremely frustrating experience. The FIFA community has gained a reputation for being toxic over the years, and although that is not representative of everyone who plays the game, it is definitely something we’re sure that all FUT players have encountered. 

Some may see deliberately annoying your opponent as just part of the game, something that can give you an edge when going for the win. You just have to look at how often have you become the victim of timewasting to see how prevalent that is. Sure, whoever it is you are playing may really need that win in FUT Champions, but playing it back to the goalkeeper, juggling the ball, then spraying it between center-backs for the last 20 minutes of a match doesn’t really fit the spirit of the game. 

There are some general, unwritten rules of etiquette that you learn the more time you spend playing Ultimate Team and see discussions about it online. One of those is not celebrating goals. Most players just want to get through matches as quickly as possible, if celebrations just slow that down. Having to watch your opposition celebrate is also demoralising, especially if it is a long animation or is known to cause frustration. 

Well, get ready for some controllers to be broken, because it looks as though EA has brought back the Shush celebration for EA Sports FC 24! Fans noticed an image of Vinicius Jr enacting the move in the FC 24 promotional material, and they are now getting ready for the controversial celebration to return. 

The Shush was introduced in FIFA 20 but was then removed in FIFA 21 in recognition of its toxicity among the community. It was also a prolonged celebration, as you could run into the midfield doing the shushing motion, then pair it with another move to finish off the humiliation. 

Of course, it is not yet confirmed if the Shush will feature in EA Sports FC 24, but given it has been shown at this early stage of reveals for the game, it looks set to feature.