EA Maxis, the developer of The Sims, is recruiting for its next “new, unannounced title,” and it seems to have nothing to do with the successful life simulation series (via games radar).

A Reddit user spotted the recent job opportunities that sprang up at the studio, and these provide us with some insight as to what EA Maxis might be cooking up. The developer is seeking people who are experienced in “excellent user experiences for new IP,” so that it can get its “next big production” off the ground. This project is a “new, unannounced title,” so we’re able to strike The Sims off the list of possibilities with confidence. The game will use “real-world visual effects,” including “smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam, and explosions” and “run-time dynamic systems for physics-based animation, impact interactions, destruction, water, cloth & hair sim, etc.” It’s likely that EA Maxis isn’t relying on its toony tools to develop this new game, and there’s reason to rationalise that this might be a live service game, like Anthem.

That’s the information we have at the moment. It’s intriguing that the studio seems to be pivoting away from The Sims series and into a new genre of game. However, it is possible that this is The Sims 5 or a The Sims spinoff, and EA is content that this next entry contrasts enough to be deemed a “new IP.” The live service elements might be a risk, when you think of the state of Anthem, but this game might benefit from the learning experiences gained from that ill-starred sci-fi shlooter. In any event, the project is entering its early stages of development, and we should sit tight and see what the studio rustles up. 

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