Dying Light 2: Stay Human showcases the Viral threats in latest gameplay trailer

Dying Light 2: Stay Human showcases the Viral threats in latest gameplay trailer
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Developer Techland has released some new gameplay footage from upcoming open world zombie game Dying Light 2: Stay Human, this time around focusing on the Viral monsters you’ll be hoping to avoid later this year.

As with the first game, the standard Viral enemies will be joined by a host of special Volatile foes who are stronger and have their own unique threats you’ll have to contend with. One of these new species is known as The Revenant, who can buff other monsters with a toxic mist thanks to the growth on his back.

Other monsters include the Demolisher, who will throw heavy objects at you and charge, and the Banshee who can leap at you from above and swipe at you with her massive claws. Techland has also partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to produce a comic book set in the game’s world which will be available at retail later this year or a digital version can be downloaded from the TechlandGG website.

It also seems that managing your own infection will be a big part of the game this time around. While the previous game’s hero Kyle Crane was also suffering from infection by the series’ zombie plague, it didn’t really effect much apart from scripted points in the story. This time around, new protagonist Aiden will be wearing a bracelet that informs him of the progress of his infection, and he must reach UV light before he turns completely.

You can check out the new Dying Light 2: Stay Human gameplay trailer and the second Dying 2 Know broadcast for yourself below or catch up on the first one here. The game is scheduled to launch on December 7 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.