The Dying Light Gamescom demo has been uploaded for all to enjoy, and shows off its new parkour movesets, exciting environments, and a story mission with a choice.

The demo showcases one of the story’s main missions, restoring the water supply to The City. It falls to the player to siphon it back before all hell breaks loose, but the protagonist isn’t in great shape himself, suffering with the zombie infection.

It looks pretty swish compared to the previous game, although Harran was a compelling setting to explore an undead epidemic, The City is visually varied. It offers lots of opportunities to employ flashy parkour moves, and the developer states that it has doubled the number of acrobatic feats available. There will be seven different regions with unique environmental challenges that lend themselves to new parkour antics, new enemies and new mechanics.

Modded weapons will make a return, and with the villainous Renegades faction threatening the security of The City, it looks like there will be more dynamic combat encounters. The gore and disgustingly squishy sounds have stayed, though. 

The gameplay demo also shows off one of the choices players will face in the new game, and reiterates that the environment will change based on those outcomes. In this section, the rooftop gardens are lush and filled with busy bees; I assume the flora would wither away as the population thins out with each morally questionable call a player makes. 

Dying Light 2 is set for an early 2020 launch on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Watch the gameplay footage below.


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