Digital Jesters and DiezelPower Studios have announced Dog Tag, an action-packed urban warfare title for the PC and Xbox 360. Digital Jesters will publish the game worldwide in 2006.

"Signing DogTag has been a top priority for us and we look forward to working closely with DiezelPower Studios over the coming months", Terry Malham, Digital Jesters co-founder and commercial director said. "We're very excited by what we've seen so far, and believe Dog Tag will offer gamers a unique slant on the traditional idea of good vs. evil, with a storyline that could easily have come directly from the Hollywood".

Roel Frankel, CEO, DiezelPower comments "Right from our first meeting we knew Digital Jesters was the perfect partner for our next-generation title. DogTag will provide a brutally realistic approach to action games which is guaranteed to appeal to all hardcore gamers. We are delighted to work with Digital Jesters to bring this title to a worldwide audience next year."

Dog Tag will feature tactical squad-based movement (yes, squad-based again), unique cover based gameplay, where you must use all of the environment to get into good tactical positions, and a proprietary game engine that can handle dynamic shadowing and global illumination light mapping. The game is due in Q2 2006.