Dino Crisis
Josh Wise by on May 25, 2022

Dino Crisis image surfaces on PS Plus in Asia

Dino Crisis artwork has popped up on the new PlayStation Plus service, hinting that the game may be on its way.

Subscribers to the new PS Plus service have spotted artwork for the PlayStation survival horror game. Does this mean that it is on its way to the service? The artwork in questions shows the game’s heroine, Regina, adorning the “Classic Games” section. The game is not yet on the service.

Behold, some of the images below:

As you can see, she is looking rather pensive and determined. As, indeed, she ought to be, considering that she and her team have a load of dinosaurs to deal with.

Dino Crisis one of those games that feels forgotten. Capcom has been busy remaking the Resident Evil series, but little attention has been paid to its lizard-ridden spiritual spin-off. No less a talent than Shinji Mikami directed the game, too.

The reasons that people like to clamour for Dino Crisis are several. One, there still aren’t all that many good dinosaur games in the world. Two, it held its tension for longer than a lot of the Resident Evil games. And three, it restored a rightful fear to dinosaurs, thanks in part to its savage gore. Regina’s first encounter with a velociraptor lives in my memory to this day.

In other PS Plus news, classic games will feature a number of visual options—including a fuzzy CRT-style filter.


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