Diablo 4 community frustrated as Season 1 patch has made the game “a proper slog”

Diablo 4 community frustrated as Season 1 patch has made the game “a proper slog”
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The opening day of Diablo 4 saw Blizzard’s latest series installment hit the ground running as the slew of shiny new content that it offered gave players plenty to do in both early and late game scenarios. Unfortunately, it appears the arrival of Season 1 has failed to continue the game’s upward trajectory as some within the community are now calling it “a proper slog” after many of the changes that were introduced has seemingly made the experience significantly slower.

Reddit user TheMorals even described the Diablo 4 Season 1 patch 1.1 as “a slowdown to every single part of the game” in a post they created on the social media site. “All classes [were] nerfed. No reduction in enchantment costs. Helltides are slower. Boosting [was] nerfed to the absolute ground. Doing content other than Nightmare Dungeons [was] nerfed. Experience bonus for killing monsters of higher levels nerfed by around 90%. It is not like this game was lightning fast to begin with, but now it is a proper slog,” they continued.

The post creator’s comments then seemingly echoed all throughout the disgruntled Diablo 4 subreddit as several responders amplified these harsh criticisms by adding their own observations. A user named w1nstar noted: “They even put 2 extra seconds on teleports out of dungeons,” while prountercoductive mentioned the fact that “Helltide drops got nerfed bad” since “the cinder drop rate” is now “absolutely abysmal.”

Others couldn’t help but poke fun at Blizzard as MiggeLevel99 said: “This game is gonna be great in 2028 when [the developers realize] we like to have fun,” while SightlessIrish simply pointed out that “Sorcerer Unique is the only added Unique with a negative [Aspect] once again.”Naturally, these underwhelming Sorcerer buffs (yes, they are still buffs) became a significant talking point as well since many were initially under the impression that the spell-caster would receive a bevy of improvements due to its horrid endgame performance.

With more harsh comments continually being posted under the thread at an alarming rate, it’s safe to say that the Diablo 4 community isn’t pleased with the Season 1 patch that’s been introduced. Fortunately, the development team has often taken these criticisms into consideration when making changes so they may already be working on improving the experience once again – though we may be stuck waiting for a while since the Diablo 4 Season 1 start date hasn’t arrived just yet.