Diablo 4 players share wishlist of enemies they want to see return

Diablo 4 players share wishlist of enemies they want to see return
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The release of Diablo 4 steadily inches closer and the excitement surrounding the next series installment is starting to become palpable. With the upcoming game set to bring in both veteran fans and newcomers alike, some people couldn’t help but share their own wish lists of the iconic enemies they’d like to see return once it drops.

Now that the Diablo 4 release date and opening batch of character classes are already set in stone, eager players have started sharing their thoughts on other parts of the game instead. This includes the demons that can currently be found throughout the land of Sanctuary and the types that they hope will arrive in future seasons and expansions.

A veteran player named SteelFaith recently went on Reddit to ask other users the type of Diablo enemies they’d want to see return in Diablo 4. Of course, the post creator also shared their own request as they said that they “always loved the elite guard of Diablo, the Hell Knights / Doom Guards,” from the first installment.

One commenter, on the other hand, said that they want to “see the secret zerg level” from Diablo 1’s Hellfire expansion, to which a few other users agreed. Another responder would mention the “acid beasts,” from D1 that were incredibly frustrating to deal with due to the large damage that they could deal over time.

Based on several reactions, it seems that most players want to see many of the Diablo 1 enemies make a return this time around. Only time will tell if they do, though, as the current set of enemies are pretty much set already. But the team behind Diablo 4 often takes player suggestions into account when making changes to the game so some of these requests may eventually come true at some point in the future.

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