Develover Direct
by on Jun 3, 2021

Devolver Direct showcase for E3 2021 looks set for June 12

Publisher Devolver Digital has seemingly confirmed that it’ll be holding its regular E3-adjacent Devolver Direct showcase on June 12.

The annual event’s date was mentioned in a tweet posted to the publisher’s Twitter account alongside a new image of regular host character Nina Struthers, with the showcase set to once more send-up the traditionally overly-sanitised E3 presentations in Devolver’s own offbeat style while simultaneously announcing the studio’s own projects for the coming year.

Naturally, speculation is rife as to what we can expect, but previous year’s events have seen the reveal of Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutCarrion and Shadow Warrior 3 to name a few. However, those with a keen eye have taken a closer look at the image and seem to have spotted the mention of Hotline Miami 3, so could a return to the ’80s themed blood-soaked series that put Devolver on the map potentially be on the cards? It doesn’t look like we have too much longer to wait to find out.


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