The rumours are true: there's a new Devil May Cry game and it looks kind of like they're going with a DmC vibe, so we're really into it. 

The franchise is properly back with Capcom, after DmC was developed by Ninja Theory (and there was kind of a little side eye at that, referencing fans asking for a 'true sequel'). It's promised that Devil May Cry 5 will have amazing gameplay, which is good because nobody likes terrible gameplay.

It looks like this game will be following Nero rather than Dante (maybe? opinion is divided), but there did look to be a Dante-on-a-motorbike teaser at the end. 

Devil May Cry 5 is currently slated for a Spring 2019 release.


We now have the official trailer for Devil May Cry 5, and Capcom has released some more details on its website.

The protagonist in the trailer is indeed Nero, who's teamed up with 'expert craftswoman Nico' (a brand new character) who'll build Nero different prosthetic arms, unlocking different combat abilities for him.

Nero isn't the only playable character, though: Devil May Cry 5 features three playable characters, each with 'their own unique over-the-top playstyles'. We're guessing one will be Dante, but that hasn't been officially confirmed yet.


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