Game developers will be able to use Project Scorpio's 6 teraflops of GPU power in any way they wish, and won't be forced to hit a native 4K resolution, head of Xbox Phil Spencer suggested in a video posted earlier this week.

Speaking in the video (below), Spencer explained that Scorpio is a "6 teraflop gaming machine, which will be a great gaming machine for true 4K gaming, giving you a native 4K frame buffer so you can see games in all their beauty.

"Or," he continued, "if developers want to use those 6 teraflops in other ways they're free to do that."

Spencer's comments suggest that developers may be able to use Scorpio's additional power to deliver more visually impressive games at a lower resolution, rather than be forced to render at native 4K.

However, they seem to conflict with comments made by Spencer earlier today, where he said that players still using a 1080p TV are "not going to see" any benefit from upgrading to Scorpio. If developers can use the additional power to deliver more impressive graphics - albeit at the cost of a native 4K resolution - clearly that won't be the case.

He's also previously said that games currently running at a dynamic resolution on Xbox One will benefit from Scorpio's additional power to deliver a more consistent image quality.

Project Scorpio launches in holiday 2017.

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