Detroit: Become Human will launch in 2018

Detroit: Become Human will launch in 2018
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Detroit: Become Human writer and director David Cage has confirmed that developer Quantic Dream’s follow-up to Beyond: Two Souls will be released in 2018.

Many were debating when the game would actually launch because when the game was shown off during Sony’s E3 media briefing, a release date/window wasn’t mentioned whatsoever. However, when speaking to Gamespot at E3, Cage said ‘it’s going to be next year.’ 

Cage also added that real-world terrorist events affected the story of Detroit, and that the player is supposedly the game’s co-writer and co-director. No word on if that includes a credit, or even a couple of bob, but I somehow doubt it.

Detroit: Become Human is out 2018 on PlayStation 4.