Destiny 2 x The Witcher collaboration brings Geralt’s fashion sense to Season of the Wish

Destiny 2 x The Witcher collaboration brings Geralt’s fashion sense to Season of the Wish
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Though the road to Destiny 2: The Final Shape remains long and winding, the recently arrived Season of the Wish update gives the Bungie FPS’s community plenty of content to devour beforehand, including the newly introduced The Witcher collaboration. The surprising crossover between the ever-popular looter shooter and CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed beast-hunting adventure brings new cosmetics for each class and a handful of themed accessories as well.

With Destiny 2 Season 23 set to kick off soon, PlayStation and Bungie have decided to start with a bang by extensively revealing all the contents arriving with the collaboration. Based on an extensive blog post from SIE Content Communications Manager Tim Turi, “the Bungie team worked closely with CDPR to bring authentic touches of Geralt’s world into Destiny 2.” This means each of the three new armor sets will have certain designs and touches reminiscent of The Witcher protagonist’s own armor.

Image via Bungie

Those who prefer playing as the agile Hunter will get to traverse each planet with the sleek new White Wolf set. As always, the cosmetic features the Hunter’s iconic hood, leather chest piece straps, and studded leather gauntlets, taking inspiration from Geralt’s Legendary Wolven armor set. Of course, if you’re a Warlock main, you’ll be given the chance to don the Hexer set instead, complete with fur trim and padding reminiscent of the grizzled Witcher’s Legendary Ursine armor.

Last but certainly not least, Titans can throw their weight around PvP and PvE modes with the help of the steely Kaer Morhen armor set, a cosmetic heavily influenced by the Viper School armor. In addition to these cosmetics, Bungie and CDPR have also banded together to introduce more themed accessories, such as a new ship called the Wolven Storm, the Wolven Shell Ghost shell, and the medieval Roach-VGH Sparrow.

Naturally, you will need to purchase these items through the in-game shop to explore Season of the Wish content with each one. That said, check out our page on the Destiny 2 Eververse Store this week to know what cosmetics you can buy. We also recommend taking a look at our guides on the weekly Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike and the best legendary weapons in Destiny 2.