Deathloop takes deep dive into PvP mode in Quakecon panel

Deathloop takes deep dive into PvP mode in Quakecon panel
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Arkane Lyon has offered up a deep dive into upcoming time twisting shooter Deathloop’s PvP mode during a panel at this year’s Quakecon.

To keep you in the loop (sorry)—while playing through the main campaign as hero Cole, you’ll have the option to allow your game to be invaded by other players. These players take on the role of Julianna, one of the game’s antagonistic Visionaries with powers comparable to Cole’s.

While a difficult target, taking down Julianna will be in your best interests, earning you a bunch of the game’s Residuum currency used to buy permanent unlocks and upgrades. She can also drop loot like trinkets, powers or power upgrades or even high quality weapons. Finally, killing her will refill your Reprise gauge, affording you two deaths before you’re forced to restart the entire loop.

Playing as Julianna meanwhile, you’ll only get one life. You’ll also be tasked to tackle a number of feats in addition to your mission to kill Colt. These can include getting a certain number of headshots, using certain power combos or even just surviving. Successful completion of these feats unlocks Hunter points which can be spent on Julianna’s upgrades. Unlock enough of these, and you’ll even nab yourself cosmetics for both characters.

Juilanna also has her own unique power called Masquerade. This allows her to take on the appearance of any other Eternalist or Visionary in the game. Speaking of them, they can also ping her a headsup to Colt’s location, should they spot him wandering the island. Colt counters this by being able to hack turrets and sensors to turn against his foes.

You can check out the full Deathloop PvP panel from Quakecon for yourself below. The game launches exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and PC on September 14.