Deathloop offers up nine minutes of time-twisting gameplay in latest video

Deathloop offers up nine minutes of time-twisting gameplay in latest video
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Arkane has shown off nine minutes of Deathloop gameplay footage as previously promised, giving us a good gander at the time-twisting supernatural shooter coming in September.

The footage, shown during last night’s State of Play broadcast, takes us a few hours into the game as hero Colt hunts down one of his eight Visionary targets, Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey. An accompanying blog post also gives us some extra information on some of things we’ll experience with Colt as he relives the same day over and over on this mysterious Blackreef Island.

For example, as you make your way across the island, you’ll see frequent scrawls of text everywhere. While some of these might be hints to help you on your way, some will be disjointed and will only make sense as you relive several loops and uncover more secrets about the island.

We’re also shown one of the most important powers in Colt’s arsenal – Reprise. Unlocked early in the game, the ability will allow Colt three chances before he’s thrown back to the start of the loop. Rather than a full reset when you die, you’ll be thrown a few seconds before your untimely demise, and if you find your body on those second chances, you’ll be able to collect precious Residuum.

Residuum, in case you’re wondering, is a unique resource in the world of Deathloop. You’ll use it to preserve weapons, abilities and more between loops, with a big bonus for killing the game’s Visionary targets. Another reason it’s worth focusing on these specific foes, apart from being your main objective, is that they’ll drop huge rewards including new abilities, and upgrades to your existing ones.

You can check out the Deathloop gameplay footage for yourself below. The game is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC this September 14, 2021.