Cult of the Lamb introduces the Four Bishops in latest trailer

Cult of the Lamb introduces the Four Bishops in latest trailer
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Devolver Digital has dropped a new trailer for Cult of the Lamb ahead of its release date next week.

The latest in the series of ‘Sermons from the Lamb’ introduces the Four Bishops. They’re the keepers of the old faith, and the main roadblock between you and your following becoming the one true cult.

Each boss holds dominion over the four biomes. They include Leshy, who lives in the centre of the tangled Darkwood. Then there’s Heket, found in the hot toxic wastelands of Anura. Kalamar, the Lord of Anchordeep, is the Bishop of pestilence and plague.

Finally, there’s Shamura of the Silk Cradle. This spider is the oldest of the four, and doesn’t take kindly to intruders.

Before you fight them, you’ll have to defeat the non-believers in their worlds. Thankfully, as well as a range of weapons, you’ll also be able to absorb curses. These will give you unique powers you can use to convert followers, willingly or otherwise.

As we found out last time, you’ll also be able to come across Tarot Cards. These cards will offer buffs and debuffs that might change your style of play. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

Cult of the Lamb release date

Cult of the Lamb arrives on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC on August 11, 2022. Anyone who picks up the game on Switch before August 25 will also get a bonus Cthulhu follower skin.