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CoD fans want classic Favela map to return to MW2 rotation

CoD fans want classic Favela map to return to MW2 rotation
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Since the initial launch of MW2, the community has largely been disappointed with the selection of maps available within the game. Because of this, players have constantly asked Infinity Ward to bring back several popular locations from the original title such as Skidrow and Crossfire.

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This time around, though, fans are asking for a remake of the multi-tiered Favela map from the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 entry. The classic, medium-sized location has long been a fan-favorite ever since it was introduced and it would undoubtedly be received with open arms if it was ever to be re-created.

The demand for the reinstatement of Favela is further evidenced by the popularity of a recently created Reddit post. Most users commenting under this particular thread are in agreement that its reintroduction to the latest CoD installment would be a welcome one. Some commenters, however, are saying that they’ll “take any OG MW2 map right now,” as a large portion of the player base is longing for a return to the good old days.

Others are simply calling on Infinity Ward and Raven Software to “add any other decent map,” as the game is seemingly getting repetitive due to the current selection available. The collective disappointment with the locations on offer has been an ongoing theme since MW2 was first released in 2022. This ongoing dilemma has only worsened with time as the ones that were added hasn’t exactly resonated with the disgruntled crowd.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the developers are set to address these issues any time soon based on how they’ve handled community complaints so far. Players do continue to hope that it’ll be different this time, but this may just be wishful thinking at this point.

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