MW2 community thinks “overpowered” Tempus Torrent will be getting nerfed soon

MW2 community thinks “overpowered” Tempus Torrent will be getting nerfed soon
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MW2 Season 2 Reloaded recently brought the new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle into the game’s growing arsenal, which was positively received by those that were able to use it. Unfortunately, most within the community now think that this weapon will soon be nerfed because of the power that it presents.

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For those unfamiliar with the nature of the Tempus Torrent, it essentially acts as a Battle Rifle even though it’s classified in a different weapon category. This is mainly because of its high rate of fire that allows players to rattle off shots in quick succession, which becomes even more deadly when paired with the damage that a Marksman Rifle can deal.

Because of this, some players are now speculating that this firearm will inevitably be nerfed in a future patch because of how “overpowered” it currently is. One user has even created a Reddit post preparing for its eventual decline while simultaneously praising its current capabilities.

The thread in question simply contains an image of the said weapon with a caption that states the following: “I’m sure this gun will receive a nerf. Its recoil is so minimal. I love it.” A majority of the commenters seemingly agree with the author’s sentiment, with one response noting that they “used to be hyped” whenever Infinity Ward released firearms, but now they hate it as it’s seemingly just a cash grab by the developers.

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Others have noticed that this seems to be the “current business model” of Activision, which apparently includes releasing an overpowered gun and making it incredibly hard to acquire so players buy it through a bundle instead. When looking at past weapon releases, like the controversial KV Broadside shotgun, this does seem to be the case recently so it may only be a matter of time until others catch on and leave the game entirely.