CoD community reminisce about old “gory” days due to lack of graphical violence in MW2

CoD community reminisce about old “gory” days due to lack of graphical violence in MW2
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The frequently divisive MW2 title has often forced players to look back on other popular franchise entries from the previous years. The current installment’s stale map list and lack of novel features have often been the main culprits for most of the player base’s wistfulness.

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Now, it seems that fans are reminiscing about a completely different aspect that’s blatantly absent from the latest CoD game. Gore effects, the hallmark of any good FPS title, has notably been removed from MW2 and players can’t help but notice its omission.

Back in Modern Warfare 2019, getting a kill or a successful headshot on an enemy operator would fill their portion of the screen with flying bits of flesh and crimson-colored liquid. Although this effect was locked behind certain weapon blueprints, it still presented an element that most players look for in their games.

One relatively popular post on Reddit has even been made looking back on the iconic nature of this effect. Although most commenters were immediately reminded of the previously mentioned aspect in MW2019, others instead recalled their time with CoD: WW2 and World at War, both of which heavily featured dismemberment.

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Players looking back on these titles would go on to vividly explain the realistic character reactions whenever they were dismembered. Apparently, once you blew off a player’s limbs, you’d be able to see them writhing on the ground in agony while trying to grab their mutilated appendages.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Infinity Ward and Raven Software plan on reintroducing this feature any time soon as they continue to address more pressing issues with MW2. Hopefully, they do find a way to integrate it in the future because the people need their thirst for spilled in-game blood quenched.