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MW2 players won’t need friends anymore to join Raids

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MW2 Season 2 Reloaded brought a ton of welcome changes, but it seems that the most important one wasn’t explicitly marketed by Activision or Infinity Ward. Apparently, solo players that have always wanted to complete the available Raid episodes will no longer need friends to do so after the addition of a matchmaking feature.

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Introduced as part of the midseason update, the new “Find a Party” option finally allows individuals to join up with others that speak the same language as them. This latest inclusion makes accessing Raids much easier since numerous MW2 users often play by themselves.

Unfortunately, it seems that a large portion of the fan base was initially unaware of this development due to the developer’s lack of communication. But, as always, the MW2 Reddit community was on top of things as they were able to provide the necessary details to their fellow players.

One recently created post on Reddit provided all the crucial information that users needed through its caption, which said this: “You don’t need friends for Raid anymore. You can search for parties with your language.” Players commenting under the thread were predictably unaware of this feature’s availability so they were naturally optimistic upon learning of its inclusion.

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Some, however, are slightly less positive since joining up with random players can often be difficult, especially in a mode that requires constant communication. With this in mind, most are recommending the use of microphones to make navigating each episode much easier.

It’s currently unclear why the Find a Party option wasn’t heavily advertised by Infinity Ward and Raven Software. Nevertheless, its introduction is undoubtedly a welcome one since solo users can now play through the previously unaccessible Raid mode.

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