Celeste’s free DLC, Chapter 9: Farewell, will release on September 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and the developers revealed that a new project is in the works (via Eurogamer).

Chapter 9: Farewell will ‘send off the characters and world of Celeste’ by introducing over 100 new levels, bringing the total levels in the game to over 800. Players will platform to new heights with new mechanics and items to discover, and explore to the melodies of over 40 minutes of new soundtrack composed by Lena Raine. There are no B- or C- sides to Farewell, but the physical edition of Celeste will enter production very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Also, creator Matt Thorson revealed that Matt Makes Games will now become  Extremely OK Games. With a new name and a new studio, the developers behind Celeste were able to move from São Paulo to Vancouver and work in house. Thorson said, ‘I started Matt Makes Games when I was working solo in my parents' basement, and I never thought I'd be working with such an amazing team on games of this scale.’

‘On TowerFall, my collaborators took a larger role than I anticipated, and on Celeste, it was obvious that calling ourselves Matt Makes Games had become silly. Forming EXOK has also conveniently allowed us to restructure things in a more equitable fashion, so that we can all share ownership over our collective efforts,’ he explained, and then teased that its next game, code-named EXOK1, is in development. 

Colm called Celeste ‘precision platforming at its finest’, as protagonist Madeline climbed the colossal Mount Celeste and conquered her demons. Read more of what he had to say here.

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